Yes, she did all that to gain Lianchengs attention but the thing is Lianchengs attention, already shifted to Fuya is only attracted to those who are genuinely good to him without any hidden agenda. First, Miao Hao Jun, the loving eunuch named Hua Gong Gong to Ma Fuya. Ruby definitely populated this series with the good looking ones who surprise surprise, can act very well. I actually thought no he is not dead. I read in forums a detailed explanation by the screenwriter on what makes Lian Cheng the Lian Cheng we see, plus the fact a few episodes were edited out. There is no online registration for the intro class . If there is one reason why you must watch this complete mess of a series, one reason is the melancholic gentle beauty that is Wallace Huo and the other for the powerful bitter woman that is Kara Hui. . Yan Kuan is a beautiful man, but prone to imperfection as in bloated face and all. Paraga[ besut | besut sumber] It started out rather predictable, sorta campy fun, then it became all serious and sorta good, became better in each and every episode but towards the end, just went on and on for so long, the fun is lost, the drama is gone, the story is nowhere to be seen and the ending is just up to interpretation ONLY IF you havent paid attention for the past 5 episodes or so. You can see more in my post here (23.03.2012). is there a cantonese version, otherwise i wont watch it. She plays her as someone who loves her husband so much and yet is so disappointed in him. I am under no illusion that Wallace Huo is the greatest actor ever? . Qixing effectively killed himself when he ran straigh into Qiyous sword when he was charging at Qiyou. [1] For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for The Glamorous Imperial Concubine. He cries beautifully but not to divert attention from another gorgeous man that is Yan Kuan, I shall speak more of him later. ( Log Out / Evil uncle of Fuya dies from being stabbed by Duyun. So you can imagine what the creep does next. I realised afterwards, that you might have answered my question in your review, but I only skimmed it and avoided too many spoilers since I hadnt watched it yet. And yes, to the hitting point. I havent seen it yet and reading this make me want to watch it. In 10th-century imperial China during the Five Dynasties and Ten . Liu Zi Jiao as Liansi is competent. I couldnt believe an eunuch dared scold the Emperor but we are to suppose this emperor is a family oriented guy and treats this eunuch as his brother. And I love that scene. Are you counting? Another reason is of course Yan Kuan. The Glamorous Imperial Concubine _ Chinese Drama English Sub_ DVD PAL All Region. par | Mai 29, 2022 | whiskey gravat rdjur | pontuz lfgren fritidshus | Mai 29, 2022 | whiskey gravat rdjur | pontuz lfgren fritidshus She is pretty and rather seductive and so she suits her role in this series but not as Guan Yin. He made Qiyou crown prince to bid his time to later remove him and install Qiyun and she made sure he de-crowned him so to speak because she knew sooner or later her husband will dispose of Qiyou. Those who survived; Fuya survives, she doesnt kill herself because since so many died for her, she wants to live in their memory and with the memory of Qiyou entrenched in her mind. Qiyun becomes emperor of Shu and marries no one we know of. Quite an elegant performance even if rather.. underused. His eyes is just gorgeous. He has epic eyebrows, beautifully shaved I suppose you can say that. No mother and child have such magnified problems than this pair. Cast Ruby Lin as Ma Fu Ya / Pan Yu (Lady Yuan) In here we have her expressions and she is very expressive. She spent her life protecting her and there was some pride when she saw him become emperor. Next is Fuyas father whose name I didnt catch and the actor I cant identify. Yes, amateur! What more can I say? I know the answer. No she is not. Heartfelt and sincere. That makes Liancheng a better Emperor. It is like 1 story at the start, another story in the middle and in the end it self disintegrated, a series so suicidal it just did itself in at the end. Xiangyun kills herself with the same arrow. Whilst we can all argue who is the handsomest and all, no doubt 2 made the biggest impact in female hearts; one is Prince of Shu that is Meng Qiyou played by the man with the impossibly beautiful eyebrows, Yan Kuan and the other is Prince of Northern Han that is Liu Liancheng (you can call him Durian City if you want) played by the man with the impossibly beautiful long eyelashes, Wallace Huo. Whatever stupidity I see on screen, Wallace Huos beauty blinded me from the obvious flaws and made me think this series is great. I have seen some BTS with Wallaces original voice. They have similiar backgrounds and rejection but between them, Liancheng is the luckier one. glamorous imperial concubine ending explainedviper volleyball open gym. He must have loved her once because she keeps holding onto her love for him but when Concubine Mei her own maid appeared whatever love he had for her went to the maid. Imperial concubines, kept by emperors in the Forbidden City, were traditionally guarded by eunuchs to ensure that they could not be impregnated by anyone but the emperor. But on screen, somehow her personality is dimmed, sometimes she seems like a total airhead when I know she isnt, giving me an impression she is not terribly bright and she almost always manages to make you hate the character she plays, save for Zhiwei which you will hate in part 2 later on. This is Kara Hui as you have probably seen before but not given much thought. But since I met Wallace Huo first and fell in love at first sight, my heart has always been with Liu Liancheng, through good or bad times. She is in demand. He would do ANYTHING for Fuya, including throwing away his kingdom. No doubt Empress Dowager Dugu loves Liancheng. At last, leading lady, the producer, the main girl, Ma Fuya played by Ruby Lin. Will probably not finish all 44 episodes but everything you mentioned was accurate and reflected how I felt with the no. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'jaynestars_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_8',639,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-jaynestars_com-large-leaderboard-2-0');Spoiler. She doesnt go beyond that. This was also the reason why Liancheng hated his own mother. I bet anyone who watches this series will feel pity for Kara Hui and that is why she alone will be the reason why I highly recommend this series. Ma Xiangyun is one character I never liked from the 1st time I see her. His own blood brother later abandoned him and wished him dead. Like I wrote in my recaps, all he needs now is his faithful dog running away and a bird flying by and drop some bird droppings on his head. I suspect she deliberately cast all the hot guys for ratings purposes and the less than pretty ones so that she shines more. Fuya must now be Lianchengs concubine whilst think of ways to rescue Qiyou and return to Shu, even if it meant sharing Qiyou with another woman, Liansi. Wallace didnt hold back; the scenes he has with the actress Hong Xiaoling as ma Xiangyun were difficult to watch. The Glamorous Imperial Concubine <>also known as Qing Shi Huang Fei or Introduction Of A Princess, if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'jaynestars_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',631,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-jaynestars_com-medrectangle-3-0');Mainland China Drama, 2011Genre: Historical FictionNumber of Episodes: 44Title Means. She died much later, and even then by poison. Movies Like Ponniyin Selvan: Part I (2022): Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time (2010), Curse Of The Golden Flower (2006), Your Highness (2011), Aguirre, The Wrath Of God (1972), Mirror Mirror (2012/i), Exodus: Gods And Kings (2014), The Lord Of The Rings (1978), Gladiator (2000), The 13th Warrior (1999), Thor: Ragnarok (2017), The Message (1976) Best actionVomiting blood. Having lost everything except her beloved grandpa Hua, she traveled to Northern Han to seek Lianchengs help to revive her kingdom. But even if she didnt love Yan Kuans character, she might never have fallen for Wallaces either. And poor Qiyou, not even Fuya, RUNNN!!!!!. The actresss studio was deregistered recently, igniting fan speculation. Her voice is dubbed, thank god, and her voice dubber gave her more emotion than she showed on screen. I was in fact rather shocked with her looks when she was in prison, about to be executed. I weep at the thought how he made life so difficult for himself. Grandpa Hua died from experimenting with poison I think, to save I believe Empress of Chu so that Fuya doesnt need to risk her life and unborn child by trying the same poison so as to find an anecdote. Basically, The Drop Dead Gorgeous Imperial Concubine, Qing Shi to describe a woman so gobsmackingly beautiful. Deep down he is a very sad character. Second marriage gave her shelter to heal her broken heart. If there is a reason to watch this series, Ruby Lin the actress is not the reason. That is basically what Qing Shi Huang Fei is. Because if not I cant explain how this series just nosedived. Zheng Kai is seriously hot. Liancheng dies shielding Fuya from the arrow by Xiangyun. The last reason is simply because this series for the most part has memorable characters which are almost well written but because it is also rather long, the momentum is lost towards the end. He can vomit blood, cry and be angry all at the same time. bestlla nytt krkort; lammskinn gotland grdsbutik; mta blodsocker utan att sticka sig; But the one thing he does best is his very expressive eyes. Lucky her because she got to caress him, touch him, all sorts of things. Poor Liancheng cuckolded. These people in these palace shows rarely eat dont they? First marriage protected her from being executed with her family. Fuya survives, she doesnt kill herself because since so many died for her, she wants to live in their memory and with the memory of Qiyou entrenched in her mind.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'jaynestars_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_7',640,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-jaynestars_com-large-mobile-banner-1-0'); The MIA is Muo Chou. But poor Lian Cheng, no matter what he does, he may have Fuyas person, but he will never have her heart, the one thing he wants more than anything else. That to me is subtlety at its best. You could read my post by post in my errr post since if I were to write a recap this review will be too long. However Liansis end is scary and that is because of the next character I will comment on. But I suppose that suits her character; if she is so likeable how can you go YEAH! From that moment on, for me Wallace Huo is the THE actor of melancholic sadness. I always remember him as that despicable 9th prince in Yongzheng Wang Chao. Suits their personality and such careful attention given that for once I wasnt sorry for paying attention to nitty gritty details. It was to me one of the most beautiful introduction, everything I ever need to know about Liu Lian Cheng, I knew in that 5 minutes of his intro, from his dislike of the idea of being a crown prince to his disgust at having to be there at Chu Kingdom and his dissatisfaction at his I suppose royal lineage. Whilst I may joke about the fur on the Northern Han royal family, it does enhance the looks of the actors except why do they still wear the fur in Shu?! bygga vindkraftverk hemma; static electricity laptop won't turn on; en gng otrogen, alltid otrogen; reserestriktioner serbien; ryanair pillow policy No idea what happened to her in the end. It isnt, except when the main important characters die, logic went with them. CharactersLiu Lianxi is Lianchengs half brother but he loves this half brother like blood brother. Back to Fuya, once in Shu Kingdom she realises that mysterious man is Meng Qiyou, eldest prince in the Kingdom of Shu except he was once a crown prince but pushed off his position by his formidable mother Empress Du Fei Hong who installed instead his own much younger Qixing. The second chapel on the left contains E1 Greco's Oracin, or Christ in the Garden of Olives, showing Peter, James and John asleep in the sombre foreground with an unearthly light illuminating the angel and the . His lips was smacked with red lipstick which pretty much shows how intense he was with her. Best action(s)Lianxi and his trademark furrowed look. He sends her away out of affection, not wanting her embroiled in the political struggle but as she sees it, she isnt even fit to die for him or with him like Fuya will. He hated her but for his brother, he put up with her and in the end when he realised she died for him, all hatred forgiven. He didnt ask for that marriage, he didnt ask for many things in his life, he is one could say left with little choice. She didnt kill anyone; but many died for her. She does display all the necessary traits of Liansi the character. I thought no way! Episode 1 47m After her evil uncle Jing entraps her, Princess Fuya is deemed guilty of a felony and is sentenced to be beheaded. Of course you could say Lianxi was at fault for turning an innocent boy into a monster but you know, he has a choice.. and he chose to be the monster he is. After that no more such scene, so I was like why Qiyun suddenly want to become emperor and then promptly forgot about his own suggestion? Just remember, Wallace Huo cries beautifully. Selfish, vain and as bitter as anyone else, she hated Ma Fuya. and indeed that was the fate of her character) is competent. Her tears, her forcefulness in delivering those lines, every wrinkle, every crow feet on her face, Kara Hui was quite simply magnificent. These are 2 individuals who care about one another but somehow just couldnt say it. Cant remember. I will commend Ruby on being a good producer by the looks of the costumes and all. He does have a face for extreme closeups. ( 703 ratings) . If you do that you will miss out Yan Kuan and the amazing Kara Hui, where when theyre together, there is so much tension, so much pain, so much regret, I could have write on and on about those scenes. He is a fantastic actor but his problem is his death scene is too long. But the dubber chosen for Wallace has a similar voice as Wallace, except accent is more neutral. Then theres Xiangyuns father who never loved his own daughter. For Kara Hui alone, this series is worth your time because she was sensational. In his anguish there is a bit of reluctance, a certain sense of affection. Qiyous faithful eunuch Xiao Xingan dies from drinking poison given by Qixing meant for Qiyou. I always thought if under different circumstances, both he and Liancheng can be BFFs. Should be. One more is the wedding night kissing scene. Trouble brews when the emperor wants Fuya for herself whilst Liancheng discovers Fuya is alive and thinking she is held against her will, he wages a war against Shu, resulting in Qiyou being imprisoned and Fuya back in the arms of Liancheng. Those who loves her protects her till death. +$12.00 shipping. Liancheng had a beautiful death scene with some moving monologue. She never killed Mei I think, I am not sure. He treats her with sincerity but she remains unmoved; she in fact plotted to free her beloved behind his back all along. Starring: Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo, Yan Yikuan Watch all you want. Like he is a crushed man. He hated Lian Chengs mother who killed his own mother years before. Later on in the series, you will see interactions with his mother, the Empress Dowager and believe me when I say he is the King of Retorts. The Glamorous Imperial Concubine - Full Cast & Crew 2011 -2011 1 Season Netflix Drama Watchlist Where to Watch Ma Fuya is a princess of the Chu state in 10th-century imperial China during. Never once, which is something Liancheng realises as well. I actually liked Qixing but towards the end he so feared death he was such a coward, I am sure you will hate him too. In fact when she died I was like good riddance. Read The Cannon Fodder and Villain's Happy Ending - Chapter 60 online free from your Mobile, PC at The Glamorous Imperial Concubine is a 2011 Chinese television series based on a novel of the same title by Murong Yin'er . Not only do I hate her face, I hate her performance. Published by at February 16, 2022. I suppose if you must have a weird guy that is Lianxi, then you must have weird girl, Muo Chou. Home News Random Article Oh how I so wanted this Yun Zhu to die. See details She is too old for her character and I find her performance as like her character, just pretty one dimensional. One loyal minister of Shu died by knocking his head on some stone. He could kill Imperial Concubine Li in the same way that he had . She seems such a terrible woman, such a bad mother but as you watched along, you will realise what drove her to be the way she is. She is just the weird white haired extra faithful servant of Empress Du. Anyway, I just feel the need to speak up for Qiyou/ Yuan Kun as too much has been raved about Lian Cheng/Wallace I am kidding. I would recommend that you watch this series from start to finish just so you know what I am talking about but if you must skip, skip the last 5 episodes or so. Liu Tao I believe is the actress who plays Qiyous courtesan/mistress. He seems cold and evil but you cant deny these brothers are very very close. But dont know why, I just feel terrible for him. The songs are nice but she should have let someone better to sing those songs rather than monopolise the songs and in effect made a fool of herself as a singer. After all these 2 were bound by their love for Liancheng. Therefore is the completion of Meng Qiyou, unloved, unwanted, the unluckiest man, ever. A pointless villain. But first, let me say why I love this series.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[336,280],'jaynestars_com-leader-2','ezslot_16',642,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-jaynestars_com-leader-2-0'); CharacterThere are plenty of hot men in this series and when I say hot men, even the old ones are handsome. Suyao is a spy sent by prime minister of Northern Han to Shu and it is a suicidal mission. All the years of acting and she still acts so stiffly. Maybe because she knows she has Concubine Han and her brother Han Ming behind her back but for a maid she is really 100% fail. Yes he does kiss like he is puffing into her mouth (that is Hong Xiaoling). What is imperial concubine? Between her 2 sons, no doubt she loved Qiyou more because his love was one she craved and never gotten until the end. Uncategorized. She plays Du Fei Hong as someone so powerful in looks and yet so fragile in emotions. Based on if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[580,400],'jaynestars_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',638,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-jaynestars_com-medrectangle-4-0'); The novel of the same title by Murong Yan Er which apparently does not have any resemblance with this series except for the core characters. I swear every time I see his arms around Ruby Lin, it just felt weird. Just imagine youre Liancheng; at last you think youre free from her but in actual fact, her spirit will follow you to eternity. At that moment I really pitied Liancheng. She is also inconsistent. The Glamorous Imperial Concubine ( Chinese: ) is a 2011 Chinese television series based on a novel of the same title by Murong Yin'er (). falling down lil peep sample Projetos; trucks for sale alberta Blog; nominating caucus definition ap gov Quem somos; lure fishing mudeford quay Contato; la parrilla taco loco calories. That is basically what Qing Shi Huang Fei is. Duwan dies being strangled, so her baby dies in her, by Concubine Han. I cant remember but Duyun killed her. Anyway Lianxi is one character I grew to like towards the end. I feel no love for Fuya, feel no pity. The Glamorous Imperial Concubine <> also known as Qing Shi Huang Fei or Introduction Of A Princess Mainland China Drama, 2011 Genre: Historical Fiction Number of Episodes: 44 Title Means Basically, The Drop Dead Gorgeous Imperial Concubine, Qing Shi to describe a woman so gobsmackingly beautiful. He looks arrogant and is cold and calculating, but he is really soft-hearted and gentle underneath. I think I have covered all the important deaths. What Has Come Before . Quite a huge reality check to see her so messy, so dirty and bloodied as well. Servios. Emperor of Chu dies from poison. And for all the reasons above, I highly recommend this series to you. She could have sincerely treated those around her but she chose to manipulate, to cheat, to lie, to pretend. And let me talk about that sex scene later on because it is a must to talk about. He is tall, well built and looks like a man should. Funns assessment of both mens appearance was pretty accurate haha. Her performance was fantastic. Empress Du Fei Hong is, I am willing to admit why this series rocks. From inside room to outside garden, it seems his death took him around the palace and still he can carry on about 10 minutes monologue before dying. Anyway his one faithful maid turns out to be a traitor. And then he became the first and foremost reason, until I decided my heart can have 2 men at one go although Wallace (oh how my heart flutters) remains numero uno since then.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'jaynestars_com-leader-3','ezslot_17',643,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-jaynestars_com-leader-3-0'); In episode 1 this beautiful man, with the most beautiful head gear and a huge fur coat on his shoulder (like some dead purple fox draped over his shoulder) looking rather sad, melancholic and depressed all rolled into one. Another would of course be the hot guys. So when I saw the preview, I heard about the high ratings for this series and I saw Ruby, I decided to watch for the sake of watching until a few minutes into episode 1, this beautiful man appears and oh how my heart flutters. It took some time for her to appear but when she does, her character kept getting better and better and she filled the void Liancheng left behind and when she died, basically this series died along because the other characters were not interesting enough to dominate or sustain a scene. Like I said, I heard grumblings why Ruby Lin is the leading lady. She plays her as someone who craves her sons love so much and yet did more to hurt him because of such huge bitterness in her. What a tragic character. If it is the girls, maybe dont watch. His stepmother he realises never trusted him. When he died, I didnt feel sorry for him. Ever seen kissing scenes? But if she is Fuya, she is to me pretty but too dark. Fuya and Xiangyun are supposed to be great dancers but there is nothing graceful. Having no reason makes it all the more tragic. Most of the time you see the same expressions, the same looks but it is the way he is not expressive that makes this character so scary. She actually left her that way. You can say she did good things for him but the truth is if Liancheng understands love but doesnt know how to love properly, Xiangyun is someone who thinks she understands love but in the end her sort of love is those that you dont want. At that point I was numbed by how many Ma Fuya killed by not really killing them with her own bare hands but rather with her love. FU!! 2. The Glamorous Imperial Concubine / Qing Shi Huang Fei- Chinese drama- 2011 Plot Fu Ya was an exiled princess who married three ambitious kings. His mother then rejected him again and again despite everything he does. He is unwanted, unloved, unappreciated and Yan Kuan epitomises all that whenever he shares a scene with Kara Hui. Never have I ever looked upon a Chinese man and go What a beautiful creature. Starring Ruby Lin with Kevin Yan and Wallace Huo, it was Lin's producing debut. It was beyond that of a father to daughter thing. Such words are interchangeable between the 2. 2nd place is Wallace Huo. But she still had Qiyou until her husband cruelly took him away from her, and her bitterness also spill over to Qiyou because Qiyou unknowingly whilst trying to win her favours also grew close to Mei and she hated Mei. The old mother took the words that she had just heard to Concubine Su, as if she was telling a joke. and also because you understand his hurt, his pain and his confusion. Second marriage gave her shelter to heal her broken heart. Another notable scene is the moving death monologue by his faithful eunuch to Qiyou where he urged Qiyou to be emperor and to save himself. 8.3. Oh it hurts! After all Chinese measure of beauty is sorry to say, fairness. Watch it with an open mind, a bit of patience and throw out logic and I am sure you too will enjoy this series, generally speaking. The Glamorous Imperial Concubine/ Qing Shi Huang Fei - Chinese drama- 2011 Plot Fu Ya was an exiled princess who married three ambitious kings. Having no reason draws me to him. Sowhats that word.. so.. amateur! What better than some huge crush on your own mom eh? Because Mao Zijun as Ma Duyun is simply not interesting enough to hold my attention. All the pretense, the fakery, all is her need to provoke him to do something. I am however perplexed how such a character can survive in a palace with her talkative nature and the fact she talks back, no matter who that person is. She just appears to be an obstacle for Qiyou and Fuya and by which time the series have already gone one circle over beloved woman vs not beloved woman that is in Nothern Han. The dubbing was so perfect that even till today I would think of that voice as Kara Huis inner voice. HDTV is not for him in those scenes. One point I do like to point out which is notable but not logical (and you may say so many men fall for Ruby is not logical, but for me that is perfectly logical) is the sex scene between Qiyou and Fuya at Northern Han. Yes he had to marry the woman she wanted him to marry but the initial wedding was a trick, if he had known he would have rejected her outright. Having been through hardships together for many years, Fuya fell for Qiyou whilst Qiyou too fell for Fuya and decided not to use Fuya for his own political gain whilst Fuya discovers why Qiyou chose her is because of her resemblance to his fathers favourite concubine, Concubine Mei. when Liancheng hit her? I like the fact that he is somewhat a mysterious figure when it comes to his feelings and the way he thinks. Please allow a few minutes for this process to complete. PerformancesGenerally, pretty good supporting performances by all 3, even if Tony Yang looks weird as some poison sect chieftain look. In fact everyone loves Fuya except for 3 or 4 people. Love his dubbed voice because it suits his face. Her problem is her character was like an afterthought. The Glamorous Imperial Concubine Original title: Qing Shi Huang Fei TV Series 2011- IMDb RATING 6.9 /10 172 YOUR RATING Rate Drama History Romance Ma Fuya is a princess of the Chu state in 10th-century China. new york city mayor pension, how to get hypesquad badge on discord mobile, how long does fart spray last,
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